Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Dove's Letter

Keith Baker 1993

I like to collect books that have inscriptions on the front page. I love to wonder about who the people were and the story behind their words. This book has the most amazing inscription- I think the best I've ever come across. I thought it was from a man to his girlfriend or wife, but a friend of mine thought it was from mother to child. Aren't you curious about the story behind why it was written or how this book ended up in a bin at the thrift store?

December 10, 1988

Half a decade ago
something let go,
gave way in the
gut of my gut.
Something snapped and
started a singing that
goes on and on even
til today one thousand
eight hundred and twenty
five days later. Sure
of Delight. Sure of Love.
Of careful touch and
breath stopping wonder
over all you are; that
such a being could
really be! My love,
My dove, you are still,
by far, Linda, the
most beautiful one of all.

The story itself is nice. A dove finds a letter and everyone she comes across thinks it was meant for them. It's a lovely love story between father and daughter, mother and son, husband and wife, soldier and sweetheart.


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  1. such heartfelt love and a beautiful inscription. I think it's from a man to a woman.