Saturday, December 3, 2011

Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman

Another beautifully illustrated book by Mikolaycak.

Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman
by Helen Hoover
illustrated by Charles Mikolaycak 1967

It's Christmas, a day when all woodland animals are friends.  Deer, squirrel and chickadee have come to the Good Woodsman's house where he feeds them.  Great Wolf hangs back because he knows the other animals are scared of him.

 But when the animals sense something is wrong and see that the Good Woodsman is injured and needs help, it is Great Wolf who saves the day.  And they all share a Christmas dinner together.

A nice story with a Russian flare, thanks to the illustrations.  Sadly our copy is pretty beat up.  Here are some more of the wonderful pictures.


  1. Katie -

    Thanks for linking to me. It's a beautifully illustrated book.

  2. I have spent the morning reading all your past posts. What a lovely spot!
    I too collect children's books. The older I get the more I want to remember my childhood.