Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pioneer Women

Not a children's book, but this was a good follow up to reading O Pioneers and talking about that period of American history that shaped our country and people so much.  It focuses on the women who headed out west (out of desire or necessity) and the incredible things they had to do to survive and care for their families.

Linda Peavy 1998
Ursula Smith

Fortunate country, that is one day to receive hearts like Alexandra's into its bosom, to give them out again in the yellow wheat, in the rustling corn, in the shining eyes of youth! -Willa Cather

There are lots of wonderful photographs and period illustrations.  There is a section that covers brothels and "married life" so not for younger kids.  What I loved the most were the actual diary entries or letters from the women settlers expressing in their own words what their life was like.  Fascinating!


  1. Looks like a very interesting book.

  2. I feel like you would have made a pretty good pioneer woman:)