Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When the Sky is Like Lace

A friend just recently pulled this off our shelf.  Another amazing book illustrated by Barbara Cooney.  I think it may be out of print, but it's worth tracking down. 

Elinor Lander Horowitz 1975
illustrated by Barbara Cooney

Elinor Lander Horwitz creates a magical story about a magical night when otters sing and slugs sulk and you can't scratch your nose and you eat spaghetti with pineapple sauce. It's a bimulous night when the sky is like lace and everything is strange-splendid and plum-purple.

There are some made up words in it that are perfectly believable and three fair haired girls walking barefoot on ground that "feels like the velvet inside a very old violin case."

One of my very favorites to read aloud. Charlotte kicked off her shoes and curled up on the couch to listen just now.

Because on bimulous nights when the sky is like lace, the trees eucalyptus back and forth, forth and back, swishing and swaying and swishing- in the fern-deep grove at the midnight end of the garden.

If you plan to go out on a bimulous night when the sky is like lace, here are some rules you must remember:
Never talk to a rabbit or a kissing gourami.
If your nose itches, don't scratch it.
Wear nothing that is orange, not even underneath.


  1. gorgeous pictures...will be keeping my eye out for this.

  2. love, must get it... looking straight away!