Friday, September 2, 2011

Loud Emily

Alexis O'Neill 2001
illustrated by  Nancy Carpenter

We picked up this book while visiting the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton.  It houses beautiful wooden boats that my husband Chris drools over.   
I'm quite taken with these illustrations, they're meant to resemble American Folk art from the early part of the 19th century.  The story is cute, and reminds me of Madeleine and Charlotte.  Both of my daughters have loud voices.  Emily's parents and tutor are concerned that her normal "Emily" voice is so loud.  Only the cook appreciates it.  "How grand!  A lass who speaks up!" she says.

While on a trip to the harbour, Emily boards a ship where her loud voice is used to shout the captain's orders.  All the crew love her and on a foggy day she saves the ship from disaster.

Both the author and illustrator leave notes about the history and inspiration for the story.  And I liked how the end pages had scrimshaw-like drawings and lines from old sailors' chanties.

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