Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rain Makes Applesauce

by Julian Scheer and Marvin Bileck 1964

We've had plenty of rain these days.  All the better for our gardens and grass!  And it was time to pull out this book to read over and over.  I love the whimsical pictures- you could sit and look at them for hours.  The text is silly, nonsensical fun.  Sometimes that's just what kids like to listen to best.  Things like:

Dolls go dancing on  the moon and rain makes applesauce
The wind blows backwards all night long and rain makes applesauce
Candy tastes like soap soap soap and rain makes applesauce
Monkeys eat the chimney smoke and rain makes applesauce

I wish our copy didn't smell so musty, but maybe that adds to the charm!

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  1. LOVE this book but can't seem to find images anywhere of 2 of the pictures(I have the rest), any chance you have all of them? (