Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Egg Tree

Katherine Milhous 1992

On the page of acknowledgements: 
To the people of the Red Hills known as the Pennsylvania Dutch, who love bold color and designs, and who hold fast to their traditions, which are rooted in far away times and in far-off lands.

The story is about Katy and Carl and their cousins who start Easter morning off with an egg hunt. When the hunt turns up some forgotten painted eggs in the attic, grandmother encourages them to paint more eggs and decorate an egg tree. By the next year their egg tree is bigger, holding hundreds of eggs and people come from all around to see it.

Soft muted illustrations are inspired by the traditional designs of the Pennsylvania dutch. Even the pictures on the eggs are given specific names- "The Bright and Morning Star", "The Deer on the Mountain", "The Cooing Dove".

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