Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blow, Wind, Blow

My mom (aka Gram gram) spent the afternoon with us the other day.  She brought soup and cheese for lunch and doughnut holes for the kids.  Charlotte was so happy to have her here that she asked if she was coming over again the next day! 

written and illustrated by Janet and Alex D'Amato

At one point Charlotte sat on my mom's lap while she read her this book, changing the girl's name to "Charlotte".  It was quite appropriate since the first sentence is "Once there was a little girl who just couldn't sit still."  We thought it was neat that even in 1960 (when the book was published) this line appeared:

That's how little girls are, you see, all wiggles and twists.

The little girl meets the wind who doesn't sit still either but blows all about.  She follows it as it rushes through the town, along her mother's laundry on the clothesline and lifting high some boys' kites.  It's a cute simple story. 

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