Thursday, March 10, 2011

Many Hands Cooking

It's rainy and damp- just the perfect day to make some Irish soda bread.  I like to have my kids helping me in the kitchen.  Sometimes that works out and sometimes there's a lot of arguing!  Madeleine's specialty is "No Bake Cookies".  Henry's good at making molasses cookies and tortillas, and Charlotte likes to help make everything!

Terry Touff Cooper and Marilyn Ratner 1974
illustrated by Tony Chen 

I originally checked this book out of the library years ago and loved it.  Then it was just my luck to find it at a thrift store.   It has great illustrations and a page of cooking term definitions, a map, and information about each country highlighted.  There are plenty of children's cookbooks out there, but I think I like this one best.  The recipes are simple and use easy to find ingredients.

We've tried most of the dishes.  Some were a bigger hit than others- the Irish Broonie is really good, but no one liked the Fufu from Ghana.  Even if not used as a cookbook, the text about the country and its food still makes for good reading and learning. 

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