Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Popcorn Book

The other night I didn't feel like making dinner, so instead we had a fire outside and made popcorn.  (That makes me either a fun mother or a negligent one!)  We all think that popcorn popped over the fire tastes (and smells) the best.

Tomi dePaola 1984

Our poor Popcorn book is pretty worn.  It was mine was I was little and still has my name carefully printed on the inside cover.  Tomi de Paola draws two brothers- one is making popcorn while the other is reading about it from his book.  The funny thing is, one day Madeleine and Henry and our neighbor Connor tried to make popcorn using some of the different ways mentioned in this book.  None of them worked well at all.  So I don't know how accurate any of the information is, but it's still a fun read.  And whenever I make popcorn I still picture the little demon in the kernal getting mad.


  1. we had popcorn for dinner to-nite! (and salas first - though Søren skipped that part)

  2. This was a very good book and i am older than the age that is supposed to be reading it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...OMG..:):):):)<3