Friday, October 8, 2010

Be Nice to Spiders

This time of year we always have great orb webs with big brown spiders around the outside of the house.  One year a web was stretched across our back door and Chris walked right through it.  The spider was on his back and we were all yelling at him as he walked across the yard!  It was pretty comical.   (If anyone is curious, I've identified them as European Garden spiders and they are quite fascinating to watch.)  So in honor of these spiders, a book about them and how good they are.

Margaret Bloy Graham 1967

When a spider named Helen ends up at the zoo the zookeeper at first doesn't realize how great she is at keeping the flies away from the other animals.  In the end she gets the appreciation all spiders deserve.

Speaking of creepy crawlies, I cleaned my kitchen with tea tree oil and the ants have disappeared.

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