Friday, September 17, 2010

The Man-in-the-Moon in Love

Jeff Brumbeau 1992
illustrated by Greg Couch

Part folk tale, part love story, with pictures reminiscent of the art deco era. A tale of the Man in the Moon and his wife and the mean Man-in-the-Sun who tried to keep them apart.

There was a woman who lived in a little blue house, deep in a forest glade.  Not a  town or city was near.  She spent all of her days tending her garden and baking the sweet potato pies she made so well.

But they soon found that each had forgotten something very important.  Because the woman could not fly up to live on the moon, the Man-in-the-Moon would have to come down to earth.  First, however, he had to ask permission of the Man-in-the-Sun, who was in charge of all the plantets, stars, and moons.

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