Sunday, August 15, 2010

For a History lesson

Spent a wonderful weekend at the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival.  Madeleine was dressed in 18th century and demonstrated how to make corn husk dolls and tow dolls.  The grounds were filled with hearth cooking and woodstove fires, all kinds of 18th and 19th century crafts and demonstrations, animals, wagon rides, and even a small Revoluntionary militia.  We love this festival every year.

Bobbie Kalman 1992

I've had this book for a little while and we already knew quite a few of the tools and gadgets just from our touring of historic sites (I'm always dragging my kids to some historic spot). 

Bobbie Kalman 1990

I picked up the kitchen book at one of the book booths at the festival this weekend.  I'm fascinated by 18th century cooking and kitchens- one of these days I will take an open-hearth cooking workshop. 

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