Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Mouse Book

This morning when I went out to water the garden I found a tiny mouse body, dead in the grass. My cats have been at it again. They are voracious hunters. Our yard has been littered with the bodies of mice, voles, birds and baby rabbits. This poor little mouse just couldn’t get away in time. (I don’t feel too bad- mice are a dime a dozen.)

Helen Piers 1966

This older book tells the story of a mouse looking for a house and then a friend, all through photographs. He settles into a doll house like Hunca Munca and finds a girl mouse to share it with. When they go to look for food their house is transformed into a nice little pet cage with straw and a wheel and plenty of food and water just perfect for them.


  1. I had this book as a child and lent it to a family friend. I never got it back and have thought about it these past twenty to thirty years. I couldn't remember what it was called only that it had real pictures of a mouse. Thanks to your blog I have found it again x

  2. I, too, have been trying to find this book since I had children! I had such vivid memories of this story. It was inspirational to me as I had both pet mice and a dollhouse as a child....My kids are grown now and I finally found it - I will now try to get it for ME and future grand kids!