Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sleeping Babies

My mother-in-law is the queen of yard sales. She gets the most amazing deals- she once found a full Playmobile Victorian Mansion complete with furniture and dolls. It was probably worth well over $200. She paid $25. She often picks up books this way to keep at her house for the kids. One of the ones I always looked forward to reading when I was there was “Sleeping Babies”.

Sleeping Babies (Big Golden Books) 
Tony Auth 1989

Then last year I lucked out and found not one, but two copies at the used bookshop. One was even signed by the author!

A little girl doesn't want to go to bed so her mother tells her that babies everyhwere are going to sleep. The kids and I have always liked pictures that show the inside of houses and in this book each animal house is different. The baby mice go to sleep on a pirate ship, the kittens go to sleep on a Chinese junk, the baby weasels go to sleep in a hillbilly shack above a game of poker.

I’ve decided on the Otter’s house as being my favorite home, Henry likes the frog's and Madeleine's favorite is the weasel's.

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