Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Daddy Book

The Daddy Book
Robert Stewart
pictures by Don Madden 1972

 What better way to celebrate Father's Day than with The Daddy Book!  This little treasure was recently found at the thrift store and who could resist these great 1970's illustrations!

It's an homage to dads that come in all shapes and sizes, have all sorts of different hobbies, do all kinds of different chores, and have all kinds of different careers.  Not only are the clothes and pictures fabulous (seriously the neckties and striped trousers are the best!) but there's all sorts of diversity- dads that come in different ethnicities and even do household chores.  Definitely more progressive than some of the vintage dad books we have from the 1950's!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Emil in the Soup Tureen

I think Astrid Lindgren is just wonderful.  Her rambunctious Pippi Longstocking books are pure fun! Now here's another character full of mischief and trouble and the very definition of a lovable rascal.  Emile lives on a farm with his mother and father, his little sister, Ida, the workman, Alfred, and the maid Lina.  His antics start with him getting a soup tureen stuck on his head and the lengths that his silly parents go to help him.  Lindgren ends each chapter with a teasing of the next story.

Astrid Lindgren

Monday, June 1, 2015

Around the Year

Tasha Tudor

A sweet thrift store find for us, Tasha Tudor's classically beautiful illustrations lead us around the seasons.  She's at her very best evoking all the simple joys and activities of childhood and family life as the year goes round.  There's no small part of me that wishes I lived a Tasha Tudor life!

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Sheep of the Lal Bagh

Our township has a neat program where they "hire" sheep to come and graze the overgrown municipal owned areas.  We've see them over by the retention pond and in the courtyards at the high school.  The teenagers must get a kick out of seeing sheep right outside their windows!  Not only is the program cost effective and environmentally friendly, but it just seems really fun!

David Mark
pictures by Lionel Kalish 1967

When I read the article in the local paper announcing the new program, my first thought was immediately this book (who knows, maybe that's where someone at the township offices got the idea!).  Illustrated by Lionel Kalish in glorious 60's/70's psychedelic style, the book tells the story of an Indian city whose park 'lawnmower' was a beloved sheep named "Ramesh".  On their holidays, the people of the city came to the park to relax and also to see the sheep.  When the mayor decides that the city needs a modern lawn mower, Ramesh is unceremoniously dismissed and everyone is unhappy.

They could not pat a machine, or rub a machine's head, or climb on a machine's back and ask it for a ride.  So little by little the people stopped coming to the park. 

Luckily for Ramesh and the people of the city, a compromise was soon reached.  (And there's a funny accompanying illustration of the committee appointed to find Ramesh looking through all the sheep!)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother and Child

I took a photography class years ago and a fellow student mentioned this book.  And since I have always loved portraiture, old-fashioned clothing, the subjects of women and children, it makes sense that I would be drawn to these pictures.

This is Dorr's introduction:

The Story is from everlasting to everlasting.  Yet when it happens to you, that your new-born child is laid for the first time in your arms, it is the whole miracle of creation and your heart cries out as did Mary's"  "My soul doth magnify the Lord."  You know without being told that you are as near to touching the divine mystery as one may come in this life.

Here are pictures of my children, my children's children and my god-children.  These are our rooms, our houses and our lands in the States of Connecticut and New Hampshire where we live.  Our story begins on the day of Bet's wedding and speaks of these last years.  Sequence is of no importance here.  A day is remembered for itself and the picture is all that we finally keep.  I am here with my children.

Nell Dorr 1972

A remarkable bit of trivia is that Dorr was good friends with the artist Tasha Tudor and these photographs were in collaboration with her and her family.