Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Night Tree

Eve Bunting 1994
illustrated by Ted Rand

Eve Bunting tells the story of a lovely Christmas tradition for one family.  Packing boxes full of popcorn strings, nuts and berries, a caring family heads out into the woods to find their special tree.  It's grown through the years, just like the children have and they marvel at the mystery and beauty of the forest.   It reminds me a little of Owl Moon- the language, the winter beauty, the quiet observation of nature.  A simple, soft Christmas book that we enjoy reading every year.

And look at this wonderful inscription on the title page!

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  1. We grew up in the woods. I have this book and absolutely love it. It is an every-Christmas read, and sometimes in between. :-) One day I hope to make a quilt like the one shown near the end of the book.