Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Sometimes you find an illustrator or writer that you wish you could be friends with in real life.  How I would love to sit over a pot of tea with Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess.  I feel like we would have the most amazing conversations about art and mythology, classic fairy tales, and fantasy.  They both create, one with words and one with drawings, these worlds that I wish I could inhabit.  Some people are lucky to have both incredible talent, and incredible imaginations.

Neil Gaiman
illustrated by Charles Vess 2010

 They've collaborated on other things, but this one is pretty special.  It's everything I love about them- the style of artwork, the blurred space between the real world and the world of fantasy, the respect for all the elements of a good old fashioned fairy tale.  Give it a look and then you'll find yourself searching for more of their work.

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  1. I just taught this poem last week. One of my favorites:).