Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Under the Snowball Tree

Ellie Kirby 1986

Some books just feel like summer to me. The words, and soft folksy pictures of this book are pure summertime. It also makes me remember the row of big snowball bushes that used to line the back of my parents' yard. We would stand under them and shake the branches to have a "blizzard" of white blossoms fall down on us.

I like reading this when it's too hot for nap time or bedtime and we just need something calm.  Our copy is inscribed with "Happy Daydreams, Andrew!" 

Anna and Mae blow bubbles
Lovely and fragile as our dreams
They float
Light as any wish
They drift
Reflecting the world as they turn

And now to bed
To slip between the sheets
And curl up under the covers and stars
Into a little sleep

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