Saturday, March 24, 2012

Peter and the Wolf

Sergei Prokofiev
illustrated by Erna Voigt 1980

illustrated by Peter Malone 2004

We have a couple picture book versions of this story. We were reading one in bed the other night and I remembered that there was a cd to accompany it. So the next day on a long drive up to the Perkie we listened to it. Charlotte brought the book along to look at and it's really a perfect thing to listen to on car rides. I know we have an old record album of it somewhere in our collection too.

Each character is represented by a musical instrument.  In the story Peter outwits the wolf who has crept out of the woods looking for something to eat.  I was surprised that Charlotte knew some of the instruments the characters were holding in the picture (violin, flute).  I haven't taught them to her, so she must have picked them up somewhere.

I love both styles of illustrations.  One feels more like folk art (and the duck drawn in the wolf's belly is fantastic!) and the other is softer, richer paintings.  Someday I would love to get my hands on the Charles Mikolaycak version.


  1. I have the Charles Mikolaycak version. It is wonderful. So is the one by Warren Chappell. I've been tempted to get this one for the CD - though we have it on record, too, our player is broken. You don't happen to have "The Carnival of the Animals", do you?

  2. We don't have "The Carnival of Animals." I'll have to look for that one. Any specific illustrator?

  3. There is a similar edition to this one that comes with a CD. Jack Prelutsky wrote some verses to accompany the music and Mary GrandPre illustrated it. There is a Look Inside preview on amazon and the reviews are favorable.