Saturday, January 21, 2012

The First Snow

It finally happened, the weather we've been waiting for.  Thanks to our cat who tripped the radio alarm at 6 this morning, we were up before the light.  We woke to several inches of snow frosting over the yard and trees and cars. 

So Charlotte and I made a pot of tea (the rest of the house was still dark and sleeping) and we sat in the living room watching the milky sky lighten outside the window.  (Charlotte is feeling much better, by the way, though still fighting sniffles).  By 8:30am Madeleine and Henry were up donning snow pants and boots.  We played out front for a bit and then pulled out the sleds to use in our neighbor's driveway (they're away for the winter).

David Christiana 2001 

Now the house is cozy warm, the snow things are drying and I'm making crepes with ham and cheese and carmelized onions. At naptime we read this book which has interesting water color illustrations. It's a story about when Mother Nature was a little girl and she hated the cold and winter weather. So she convinced Summer to stay and Winter had to find a way to gently usher in his season. In the end he makes a blanket of the finest crystals- the first snow.

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