Monday, May 2, 2011

Pirates in the Park

I love stories about adventurous girls!  Maybe that's because I was once an adventurous girl myself, and I have two such daughters of my own.

Thom Roberts 1973
pictures by Harold Berson

This story, very obviously illustrated in the 70's and looking similar to Peter Spier's work, is about a girl named Jenny and her crew of stuffed animal friends. When she goes down to the pond to play, a group of boys make fun of her.  She doesn't have a fancy model ship to play with like they do but she builds a walnut boat and her imagination makes up for the rest.

Jenny becomes the brave captain of the S.S. Walnut with her toys as her sailors.  She leads them to victory against the pirate boys and rescues her dog.  It's a cute story with a fun heroine.

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